July 30, 2021

Asia Pacific stock markets were again on the backfoot, weighed down by Covid concerns and the disappointing earnings report by Amazon after the NY close. European bourses followed suit, as stock prices found few buyers. European inflation data remained elevated in contrast to the U.S. June PCE data, which came in short of inflated expectations. North American stock markets edged lower, led by the NASDAQ, in the wake of a 7% decline in Amazon shares. Worries surrounding the China regulatory crackdown, as well as the never-ending onslaught of U.S. IPO supply continues to weigh on the investor psyche, as well. U.S. Treasury yields moved lower, while the Greenback held its ground.


* Nikkei -1.80%

* Shanghai Composite -0.42%

* Hang Seng -1.35%

* DAX -0.61%%

* FTSE -0.65%

* CAC -0.32%

* DJIA -0.42%

* S&P 500 -0.54%

* Nasdaq -0.71%

* Russell 2000 -0.62%

BSD Global Tech Hedge Fund -0.33%