November 23, 2020

The Asia Pacific region finished higher on vaccine optimism. The U.S. administration announced it may declare 89 Chinese aerospace companies as having military ties, limiting investment funding. China may join TPP, following the RCEP trade deal. North American stock markets finished higher, as did rates, amid improving sentiment after another positive vaccine trial result in the COVID space. Stay-at-home names largely underperformed the broader market, as strong volumes carried over from last week. Banking names caught a bid, helped by higher rates, alongside relative strength in small caps. The U.S. dollar reversed higher after exhibiting early weakness, helped in part by the strongest Markit PMI reading since 2014.  


* Nikkei closed for holiday

* Shanghai Composite +1.09%

* Hang Seng +0.13%

* DAX -0.08%

* FTSE -0.28%

* CAC -0.07%

* DJIA +1.12%

* S&P 500 +0.56%

* Nasdaq +0.22%

* Russell 2000 +1.91%

BSD Global Tech Hedge Fund +0.29%

After Market Movers: 

* NTNX Reports Q1 -$0.44 v -$0.57e, Rev $312.8M v $299Me; +8% afterhours 

* AMBA Reports Q3 $0.09 v $0.05e, Rev $56.1M v $54.1Me; +4% afterhours 

* MSP Reports Q3 $0.18 v $0.19e, Rev $130.7M v $130Me; +3% afterhours 

* CBT Reports Q4 $0.68 v $0.54e, Rev $659M v $665Me; -2% afterhours 

* ENTA Reports Q4 -$1.46 v -$0.92e, Rev $23.6M v $25.6Me; -2% afterhours 

* A Reports Q4 $0.98 v $0.91e, Rev $1.48B v $1.40Be; -4% afterhours